Plab 1 Course

  • PLAB 1 Course details

Our email id is  


PLAB 1 course and the mock tests are held only live online.  We do not conduct live classes ( in-person courses) for PLAB 1. 


There are two types of courses.


1) Live online course

2) Pre- recorded class video course - which you can watch anyday anytime you want.



Course duration for the live online course :   Three weeks ( 21 days with 2 off days)


There will be lecture (theory class) about a particular topic ( example – Respiratory system, Psychiatry etc) in the morning and there will be discussion of past exam questions of the same topic in the afternoon.  Usually we teach one topic per day.  We will give email you the lecture notes and past exam questions during the class.


Mock tests.

We conduct mock tests which almost similar to the PLAB 1 exam.

Mock test will be held in the morning from 9am to 12 noon for 3 hours and there will be discussion of questions in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 7.30pm.


Class timings

 9am till 7pm.   There will be 3 breaks. Coffee breaks for 15 minutes in the morning and evening and one hour lunch break.


Free Trial class

If you wish you can take a free trial class to see if our course  will help you and then decide whether to attend the course or not.

Please email us at for a free trial class.


Ideal time to attend the course.

It is better to attend the course at least 10 to 12 weeks prior to your exam so that you will have enough time to revise every thing that we teach. If you wish you can reattend the course again about 5 to 6 weeks before your exam for free of cost ( within one year from the first time you attend the course).


 Details of Pre- recorded class video course:

 These are the pre-recorded class videos of the live online course. You can watch these vidoes at anyday anytime. This is ideal for those doctors who cannot attend the live online course.

This is about 180 hours of vidoes in total. These videos are divided into short videos of about 2 to 3 hour duration. These vidoes contain theory lectures and discussion of questions and answers. 

You are allowed to watch these videos only once. You can rewind and paly the videos as many ttimes as you wish. However, once you close the video page you cannot open that video again.  If you wish to watch the videos again you will have to pay the course fee. 

If you want to watch the pre-recoreded video classes then you cannot attend the live online course.  If you want to watch the live online course then you will have to pay the full course fee again. 

Video course is valid for one year. If you wish to watch the videos after one year you will have to pay the course fee again.

We advise you to start watching the videos at least 3 to 4 months before your exam. 

This course also includes 6 days of mock tests. 

Course fee is the same as live online course with 6 mock tests ( 150 questions) fee which is 1200 AED ( UAE Dirhams). There will not be any discount for this course.

Please email us at for the full details of this course.




UAE company:

We have an association with a company in UAE called GHP web portal. All our courses will be managed from the UAE company. So

course fee has to be paid to UAE company. There is collaboration with the UAE company

( GHP web portal Llp)  and Dr Swamy plab courses and recruitment Ltd Manchester UK.

All the course fee has to be paid to the Dubai( UAE) bank in Dirhams.

However, you can attend the live course, mock tests and practice at the centre in Manchester. UK.


Manchester centre address;

Dr Swamy plab courses and recruitment,

308 Moseley Road,



M19 2LH.

United Kingdom.



  • PLAB 1 Course and mock test dates



   PLAB 1 course will be held only online.

We do not conduct any live ( In -person) courses for PLAB 1. 


  PLAB 1 course dates for the  3rd November 2022 exam ( 3 weeks )


  23rd    September 2022   to   13th    October  2022

    Off days  –

  29th    Sept  and   6th   Oct.



       PLAB 1 mock test dates for the  3rd   November  2022 exam


     21st         October          2022


     22nd        October          2022


     23rd        October          2022


     28th         October          2022


     29th         October          2022


     30th         October          2022


       There will be 6 mock tests for this exam.  


  • PLAB 1 course and mock test Fee



  PLAB 1 course and mock test fee

 Three week course plus 6 mock tests


 If any organization is sponsoring the candidates then the fee can be paid in UK sterling pounds to our UK Bank.

 1200 AED Dirhams ( which is almost equivalent to £250.00)


Please make sure we receive the exact amount as above when you transfer the fee by bank. Please pay the bank transfer fee yourself. 


 Each mock test ( without attending the course)  

 96 Dirhams ( which is almost equivalent to £20.00 for each mock test

 576 dirhams which is almost equivalent to £120.00 for 6 mock tests)

 We have opened the company in UAE called GHP web portal. Our PLAB 1 online course will be managed by the UAE company. Please email us at for the payment details. You need to transfer the money to our Dubai bank in Dirhams.

This course fee will not be refunded for any reason. 


  • Booking the course and mock tests


 Please email us:- (please include your tel number in your email) to book a place in the course. 

 You need to pay by bank transfer to our Dubai bank. 


 There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.