• Accomodation

 Accommodation information and terms and conditions:



Please read our terms and conditions below and let me know if you need accommodation.                  

We advise you to book the accommodation at least one week before your arrival so that we can guarantee you a place in the accommodation.


Accommodation at Levenshulme near to the training centre at Manchester.

Training centre address at Manchester is

308 Moseley road,


Manchester . UK

 M19 2 LH.


These accommodations are within 3 to 4 minutes walking distance from the training centre.

These are like flats. Each flat has 2 to 3 rooms. You will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen with 3 to 4 doctors in the same flat.

Single and double rooms and family rooms are available: 


Rent will be as follows:


Single room rent is £25.00 per night

Double room rent will be £20.00 per night per person ( 2 people in the same room). 

We have separate flats for Ladies and Gents.

We also have family accommodation. Rent for Studio flat ( one large room with kitchen in the same room and attached bathroom) is £40.00 per night for two adults. Rent for two adults and one child is £45.00 per night. 

Also there will be £50.00 Key deposit ( paid in cash only) which will be returned to you when you leave.


There is no cancellation once you book the accommodation and also we cannot shorten the accommodation booking once you have booked the accommodation with us.

If we do not have any place available when you come, we may accommodate you in a nearby hotel until the place is available in our accommodation.

Facilities available in the accommodation are  - fridge, freezer, microwave, electric hot plate, iron box and iron board, kettle, cutlery and few utensils. Free wifi is also available.

Pillow, Bed, bed sheet, Duvet and duvet cover also will be provided.  If you wish you can bring your own linen.


We have a bedside chest drawer with a latch in some of the accommodation. We advise you to bring a small padlock with you so that you can keep your valuables under lock. We cannot be responsible for loss of valuables.


Drinking Alcohol or smoking or using any kind of recreational drugs in the accommodation is strictly not allowed.


Visitors are strictly not allowed in the accommodation.

If we find out you allowed any visitors in the room we will not refund your deposit as well as you may end up paying extra money.


 Check in time for the accommodation is 9am till 7pm only.

 If you come later than 7.00pm you may need to stay in a hotel and come to our accommodation the next day.


You need to come to our Training centre first and pay the rent and then our accommodation manager will take you to the accommodation. Our training centre address is -  308 Moseley Road, Levenshulme, Manchester. M19 2LH.

Sometimes you may need to wait in the centre for one or two hours for our accommodation manager to take you to the accommodation.

You can pay the accommodation rent by bank transfer.  We will email you our bank details when you book the accommodation with us.

Rent needs to be paid on or before the check in day in full for the entire time of the period accommodation has been booked. This amount will be non-refundable. If the rent is not paid in full we will not accommodate you in the course practice or mock test.

Once you book the accommodation with us – you can either prepone or postpone the booking period ( total duration should not be lesser than the original booking duration)  if you wish but there is no cancellation. 


Please check our website "" for the accommodation pictures.



 If you need our accommodation, please fill up the form below and email it back to us. You can copy paste the following information to your email.

Once you fill up the form or once you email us your check-in & check-out dates, it will be considered as you have accepted the terms and conditions and the room has been booked even if you did not receive a reply from us.

If the room you booked is not available, we will inform you within 4 days of receiving your email.


Please write type of room required –

single/double/family  ________________________

Check in date   ________________________

Check out date ________________________

Male or female  ______________________

Any other information  ___________________________________


Check in time for the accommodation is 9am till 7pm only.

 Please type your full name


Once you email us the check in and check out dates there is no cancellation. You need to pay the full amount of rent for the entire period of the booking on or before the check in date. If you do not pay then we will not allow you to attend the course or practice in the centre or take the mock tests.


Please email us at for the full details of the accommodation.




Single room 1                                                                               Single room 2                                                                                                           Single Room 3


Double Room 1                                                                                                               Double Room 2



Shared Kitchen 1                                                                                                           Shared Kitchen 2




Shared Bathroom 1                                                                           Shared Bathroom 2                                                                   Shared Bathroom 3


Shared Flats 1                                                                                   Shared flats 2                                                                              Shared flats 2



Studio flat for family ( large room with two single beds which can be joined together) with kitchen in the same room with attached bathroom.

This is a loft room. 



Ground floor studio flat for family ( This ia large room with two single beds with kitchen in the same room with attached bathroom)

Ground floor studio flat bathroom.