• Accomodation

  Currently our accommodation is closed due to corona problem.  We will open the accommodation only after the corona problem settle down. We can book the places in the accommodation only after we are able to open the accommodation. 


  Accommodation information; ( This information can change in the future) 



Accommodation at Levenshulme near to the training centre at Manchester.

Training centre address at Manchester is

308 Moseley road,


Manchester . UK

 M19 2 LH.


These accommodations are within 3 to 4 minutes walking distance from the training centre.


These are like flats. Each flat has 2 to 3 rooms. You will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen with 3 to 4 doctors in the same flat.


 Only Single rooms are available.



Rent will be as follows:


Single room rent is £25.00 per night.


We have separate flats for Ladies and Gents.


Please read our terms and conditions below and let me know if you need accommodation. If you need the accommodation please tell us the exact duration of your stay (check in and check out dates) so that we can reserve a place for you in the accommodation.






studio flat Bedroom


Studio flat Kitchen