Plab 2 Course

PLAB test is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of international medical graduates. It comprises a written Part 1 examination and a Part 2 practical or objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).The pass mark for the PLAB test reflects what is expected of a doctor entering their second year of their Foundation program training. This includes the professional values and behaviors required of doctors, which are fundamental to delivering excellent care for example, practicing in accordance with the core GMC guidance and within their competence.

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  • Course details




This course can be taken live at the centre or live online.

Online course will be similar to skype.

Duration – 13 days ( 13 continuous days including weekends)    Timings   – 9am to 7pm.

Break times – Coffee breaks for 15 minutes around 11am and 4pm.

                            Lunch break for 1 hour at about 1.00pm.

 During the course there will be 13 days of lecture covering all the topics required for the PLAB 2 exam. During this time you may not be able to practice on the mannequins or take any mock tests.

We will provide you the course materials.

Most of the topics including all the difficult topics will be taught by Dr Swamy.  We do have other good teachers to teach the remaining topics.




Advise on how to do the course.


We advise everyone to attend the course at least 7 to 8 weeks prior to the exam.


First attend the 13 days course.


Then you practice on all the taught topics among yourself as a group in the centre for about 3 to 4 weeks.


You can practice on the mannequins too until your exam for free. 


Take the mock tests few days prior to the exam which prepares you well for the real exam.


  • Exam overview



PLAB 2 exam will take a new shape from September 2016.

In PLAB 2 exam you will be tested on your clinical and communication skills.

PLAB 2 exam is a practical or objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

There will be 18 OSCE stations where you will rotate in a circuit through 18 rooms, and there will be 2 rest staions ( So totally 20 stations). Each station will be of 10 minutes duration.

You will be given two minutes to read the question and 8 minutes to perform your task. 

You will be assessed on four skill areas in the OSCE. These are generally as follows:

  • Clinical examination 
  • Practical skills 
  • Communication skills
  • Emergencies
  • Safe prescribing.
  • Ethical and legal issues.
  • Health promotion
  • Breaking bad news.
  • Data Interpretaion 

Our new course is designed to meet all these new exam syllabus.

You do not need to take anything into the exam hall including watch or any medical equipments. You will be provided with everything whatever you need inside the cubicle.


  • Syllabus



                     Syllabus ( Lectures )

All the topics are designed to meet the new exam syllabus



Introduction and Approach to History and Counselling Stations (Communication skills including Breaking Bad News)


Mannequin teaching


Clinical examinations


Data Interpretation 


Emergency medicine


Ethical and legal issues, Safe prescribing.


Medicine – History and counselling


Surgery - History and counselling


Obstetrics and Gynaecology - History and counselling


Paediatrics - History and counselling


Psychiatry - History and counselling


New and common stations


 Above topics may not be taught in the same order.


  • Course dates



       Course dates for live class and online classes


             PLAB 2 Course will be for 13 days in 2019.


1.      21st   October  2019     till     2nd   November    2019

2.      6th   November  2019     till     18th   November    2019

3.      22nd   November  2019     till     4nd   December    2019


There will not be course between 4th December 2019 till 5th January 2020.


However the training centre will be kept open for practice and mock tests during this time.

Centre will be closed for Christmas ( 24th and 25th December) and for the new year 31st December and 1st Janaury.


           PLAB 2 course dates for 2020

  PLAB 2 course will be for 14 days with one day off in between the course from 2020       onwards.

  Course dates are the same for live course and online courses


  5th     January     2020


  18th January 2010

  Off day –

  13th January  (Monday)


  22nd   January      2020


   4th      February 2020

  Off day –

  28th January ( Tuesday)


   9th    February    2020


  22nd     February 2020

  Off day –

  17th February (Monday)


  26th    February    2020


  10th      March 2020

  Off day –

  3rd March ( Tuesday)


  15th    March        2020


  28th      March 2020

  Off day –

  20th March ( Friday)


    1st     April           2020


  14th      April 2020

  Off day –

  7th April ( Tuesday)


  19th    April           2020


    2nd     May  2020

  Off day –

  27th  April  ( Monday)


    6th    May            2020


  19th       May  2020

  Off day –

  12th May ( Tuesday)


  24th    May           2020


    6th      June  2020

  Off day –

  1st June ( Monday)


                Further course dates will be announced later    


  • Mannequin practice

You can practice on the mannequins from 9am to 7.30pm every day until your exam. We have all the mannequins for you to practice which are similar to the GMC exam mannequins. We use separate mannequins for practice, teaching and mock tests so that the mannequins are always available for you to practice. We have a very large hall for the mannequin practice so that you will not feel overcrowded.

We have plenty of mannequins in our centre for you to practice. Ours is the only centre where you will find 7 female pelvic examination mannequins which has different pathology.


SimMan : We also have SimMan ( talking mannequin ) which has special features eg : you can listen to different types of heart sounds and murmurs, lungs sounds, bowel sounds. You can check Blood pressure. It has peripheral pulses. You can practice on the SimMan too. Some courses do not have SimMan in their centre and you cannot practice on them. If you cannot practice on the SimMan it is very difficult to pass that station, which might result in not passing the whole exam.




  • Mock test details

We offer 4 mock tests which are included in the course fee. There will be 5 to 6 days of mock tests for each set of exam. You can chose 4 days out of them. Please check the mock test dates below. If you wish to take any extra mock tests you will have to pay 30 pounds. We advise you to take your mock tests 2 weeks near to your exam after you have attended the course and finished practicing the stations what we taught in the course.


Mock tests will be very similar to the GMC exam where you will learn exactly how the exam is designed and conducted, how to rotate through the different cubicles. You will also learn how to manage your timings in each station. We keep 8 to 9 stations in the mock tests.


 You have to come for the mock tests in time. If you come late for the mock tests, you will lose that mock test and we will not be able to give a place for the missed mock tests. If you wish you can pay and take extra mock tests. You are allowed 4 free mock tests along with the course fee for the first attempt only. This cannot be carried forward for the next attempt if you fail previous attempts. Eeven if you did not take any mock tests for the first attempt this cannot be carried forward for the next exam attempts. You need to pay £30.00 for each mock tests if you need to take mock tests for the second exam attempts or onwards. 


Be prepared to stay until 8pm on the day of your mock tests.


Mock tests will help you to reduce your exam stress and boost your confidence in facing the real exam.


  • Mock test dates

We will hold 4 to 5 mock tests before every set of exams.

We will announce the mock test dates about 2 weeks before every set of exams.

You can book the mock tests when you come here for the course.





  • Course and mock test fee ( 100 pounds discount for group of 5 bookings. Course fee for each doctor in the group will be only 550.00 pounds)


       PLAB 2 course Fee

  PLAB 2 course Fee (This includes 13 days course, and

  4 free mock tests  and free mannequin practice)


  [ There will be £100.00 discount from the course fee if       you come in a group of 5 doctors. Read below for the details]. 


  Including VAT

  Extra mock test (optional)



   Supervised manikin practice

   [ This price is not included in the course fee. Can be          booked when you come here for the course. There will

  be a trainer present in the room if you need any         guidance on  findings on these manikins].

  [ You can practice on testicular manikin, abdominal     manikin, and Simman, glucometer etc]




  There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.


You can repeat the live course for free of charge until one year from  the first day of the course date.

Online course can be repeated only once.

If you you wish to repeat the course after one year you will have to pay the full course fee.


We offer £100.00  discount if you book in a group of 5 doctors ( not less or not more). Each doctor in the group has to pay only £550.00.

To avail this offer all the candidates in the group should book the course ( email us the names of the 5 doctors - all the 5 doctors should email us individually)  at least 3 days before the course start date and all the 5 doctors should be attending the same course date and also should pay the fee before or on the first day of the course. If there is any change in the members of the group then the new member's name has to emailed to us at least 3 days before the course start date. There is no refund of the course fee once paid and claimed group discount for any reason.




  There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.


You can repeat the live course for free of charge until one year from  the first day of the course date.

Online course can be repeated only once.

If you you wish to repeat the course or  practice or take mock tests after one year you will have to pay the full course fee.



  • Booking the course and method of payment

Please email us:- (please include your tel number in your email) to book a place in the course. You do not need to pay to book a place in our course. If you cannot come for the course on the day you have booked, for any unforeseen reasons, you can just call or email us to postpone the course date.

You can pay for the course by cash or bank transfer either on the first day of the course or before. We do not accept cards or cheque at the moment.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email us, we will give you our bank details.

There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.



  • Facilities


Dining room – we do have a dining room in the training centre with fridge and microwave.


Car Park - There are plenty of free car parking areas around the centre.


Restaurants and shops  – Fast food restaurants like MacDonalds, Burger king and Subway are within walking distance.  There are plenty of Asian and African shops, and restaurants within 5 minutes of walking distance.




We have accommodation which is about 3 minutes walking distance from our centre. These are block of flats with kitchen and bathroom facilities in each flat. We have double rooms available.  Please email us for further details and to book a place in the accommodation.