Plab 1 Course

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  • PLAB 1 Course details


PLAB 1 course and the mock tests can be done live at our centre in Manchester UK or you can attend as Live online         ( you can attend the classes and the mock tests from your home through Skype). 

Course will for three weeks ( 21 days with 2 off days)


There will be lecture (theory class) about a particular topic ( example – Respiratory system, Psychiatry etc) in the morning and there will be discussion of past exam questions of the same topic in the afternoon.  Usually we teach one topic per day.  We will give printed lecture notes and past exam questions during the class.


Mock tests.

We conduct mock tests which almost similar to the PLAB 1 exam.

Mock test will be held in the morning from 9am to 12 noon for 3 hours and there will be discussion of questions in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 7.30pm.

Class timings

 9am till 7pm.   There will be 3 breaks. Coffee breaks for 15 minutes in the morning and evening and one hour lunch break.


  • PLAB 1 Course and mock test dates


Online PLAB 1 course dates are as follows

( for the moment course will be held only online.

We will start the live course in the centre only after the corona situation settles down) 


PLAB 1  course dates  for the 25th  June 2020 exam ( 3 weeks )


  25th  April  2020   to   15th  May  2020

   Off days – 1st    and     8th   May.


  11th   May  2020   to   31st    May  2020

    Off days – 18th    and    25th   May.


  23rd  May  2020   to   12th  June  2020

   Off days –    29th   May  and    5th     June.




       PLAB 1 mock test dates for the  25th  June 2020 exam


      16th        June            2020


     17th        June            2020


     18th        June            2020


     19th        June            2020


     20th        June            2020


     21st         June            2020


       There will be 6 mock tests for this exam.  


  • PLAB 1 course and mock test Fee



  PLAB 1 course and mock test fee


 Live in the centre

( At Manchester UK)

 Live online

 Three week course plus 6 mock tests



 Mock tests only without course

 £40.00 for each mock test

 ( £240.00 for 6 mock tests)

 £35.00 for each mock test

 ( £210.00 for 6 mock tests)


  • Booking the course and mock tests

 Please email us – or call us on our phone 0744 8070 710


Please email us:- (please include your tel number in your email) to book a place in the course. You do not need to pay to book a place

in our course. If you cannot come for the course on the day you have booked, for any unforeseen reasons, you can just call or email us to postpone the course date.


You can pay for the course by cash or bank transfer either on the first day of the course or before. We do not accept cards or cheque at the moment.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email us, we will give you our bank details.


There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.