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     Dr Swamy PLAB courses and recruitment  LTD


Dr Swamy PLAB courses LTD is a medical training centre to train International medical graduates for the PLAB exam. We are based in Levenshulme, Manchester which is just a stone’s throw away from the General Medical Council where the PLAB 2 exams are held. Dr Biji Krishna is the company director.  Dr Swamy plab courses and recruitment Ltd is not registered or associated with the General medical council (GMC)  or any such organisations.  Dr Swamy plab courses and recruitment LTD is a Limited private company registered with the companies house UK. 


Dr K Ramaswamy ( popularly known as Dr Swamy) ( not currently registered with the GMC and does not practice medicine) is the course co-cordinator and is the main teacher in our academy.  Dr Swamy has been teaching for the PLAB 2 for more than 15 years and has taught thousands of International Medical Graduates, some of them are now working as Consultants and Registrars in various hospitals in UK. We have other trainers (some are working as SHO's and GPs working in the NHS hospitals and soem are recently passed the PLAB exam) along with Dr Swamy to teach for the PLAB courses. Dr Swamy does not teach for the PLAB 1. 


We have class rooms for the lectures and very large spacious hall for the mannequin practice so that you will not feel the place is overcrowded. Our centre is 5 to 7 minutes walking distance from the Levenshulme train station.


We take pride in having the most experienced and best known teacher Dr Swamy for the PLAB coaching along with other teachers. We always try our best to give you high quality teaching.


We have all the mannequins for you to practice. You can practice on the mannequins for unlimited time from 9am to 7:30pm everyday. Our mannequins are very similar to the PLAB exam mannequins. We also have SimMan (talking mannequin) for you to practice. Talking mannequin station is one of the important and very frequent station in the PLAB 2 exam. 


We have accommodation very near to the training centre ( 3 min walking distance from the training centre). There is separate accommodation for the ladies and gents.